We work in the community to provide continued support through our classes for:

- Women who are on waiting lists for yoga or holistic classes through their support service.

- Women who no longer receive support from local services but still wish to attend a class that feels respectful of their emotional needs.

- Women who have resource and social barriers to attending classes.

Please check the Timetable for Community Listed classes.



We partner in collaboration with women’s rape crisis centres, domestic violence services and advocacy groups to provide yoga as an adjunct to counselling and psychotherapy support.

If you are a programme coordinator for a woman-centred organisation, please feel free to email your enquiry here.

We have worked with organisations such as:

Solace Women’s Aid / North London Rape Crisis

PAN Intercultural Arts Group, Amies

Clean Break



We offer resources such as the Yoga Assist Tokens, educational workshops, and facilitate discussion sessions to established studios, experienced yoga instructors, and clinical practitioners on perspectives to integrate yoga practices for populations that are navigating the impact of sexual and domestic violence.

Please check the Timetable to view upcoming educational events or contact us to enquire into how we can work with your yoga studio, organisation or contribute to your current educational programme.